Marble potatoes with pickled and sweet red onions; radicchio with prosciutto; random cold veggies – 9 February 2011

D put together an odd but entirely satisfying dinner.

He noticed someone at the Bowl buying a bag of these adorable little marble-sizes potatoes in mixed colors – ridiculously expensive but it’s only once in awhile – and got an idea what to do with some, so grabbed himself a bag. He boiled the potatoes (perfectly!) and then tossed them with some of the pickled onions we’ve been using from the sandwich two weekends ago I think. He also added perhaps 1/3 sweet Italian onions. He grilled a very thin wedge of radicchio wrapped in prosciutto, and cut some Grace Pugliese to go with it all (great with the rest of last night’s excellent, sweet little brie [“Delice Nostalgie”]!)

While cooking, he kept coming out with plates of cold veggies – first cauliflower, olives, fennel slices, and a half carrot, and later a long stick of celery with some of the Maytag blue cheese we got for Christmas. Here it’s sitting on my laptop.

He chose a Chateau Bonnet Entre-deux-mers (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Muscadelle, well chilled (even the glasses) and it was really enjoyable.

Then later we split this pretty little cupcake by my friend J. It’s red velvet cake with an excellent, cream cheese frosting. I will have to get more from her fundraiser!

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