Spaghetti al Cacio e Pepe (with Pecorino and Pepper); salad with avocado; sugar snap peas – 15 January 2011

D came up with this out of nowhere. Or actually, out of Patricia Wells’ “Trattoria” and a fridge and pantry with good staples in them.

Tough meal 😉 Cook the spaghetti, and warm a mixing bowl and all the serving bowls. Toss the spaghetti with grated pecorino, olive oil, and coarsely ground black pepper. It’s 1 pound pasta to 1/4 cup oil to 2 cups cheese and pepper to taste.

D also cooked (perfectly IMO) some sugar snap peas and then tossed them in butter, and made a salad of romaine, avocados, celery leaves and chopped celery, and red onions, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a dressing. It was great.

The wine is one of our favorites from Eric Stauffenegger: Cairanne (2005), Cotes du Rhone Villages. A great Saturday night meal!

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