Tri-tip steak; nebrodini mushrooms; sugar snap peas – 14 January 2011

D called about 6:15 to remind me that the Bowl was having a mini-wine tasting till 7, so I met him there, and we tasted two new wines. One was a California cab, gentler and more food-friendly than most, and the other was this Spanish wine from the river Duero, also known as Douro in Portugal. I ran home to get the bread out of the oven and D shopped for dinner. He bought steak and grilled it over a branch of rosemary, which was very good. He also bought some subtle, interesting mushrooms called “nebrodini” (never heard of them before), and cooked them in butter. He cooked some sugar snap peas in the usual fashion. He must have gotten one of those large bags of ‘on the edge’ veggies for 99 cents – we are having these a lot. Which is just fine with me!

Here is the wine, which costs $15 at the Bowl, but which was on sale at the tasting for 15% off.

{Written the 15th}

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