Pizza with Italian sausage, poblanos, corn, tomato pesto, and cilantro at Paisan; fried olives – 13 January 2011

D had a meeting that he knew would last late, so he decided not to cook. By the time he got home it was too late to go to Riva Cucina, so we chose pizza at Paisan. This is very good pizza, but not the best of its kind in our area (for thin crust, wood-fired pizza, no one can beat Pizzaiolo).

We chose a pizza with tomato sauce, which is rare for us, but the sauce was minimally applied, and the flavor balance was quite good. I especially liked the poblano taste with the cilantro and corn. We had what the server said was their lightest red, a Primitivo. It was fine, but we were not impressed by it – no clarity or brightness to it. One of the people evidently in charge brought out three glasses and poured us (and himself, of course) some of this Etna and we thought it was enormously more appropriate for the food.

{Written the 15th}

Oh goodness, I almost forgot the fried olives!

They were kinda cool – very salty, but addictive. Good with lemon, and kept us busy until the pizza came.

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