Chicken piccata and rice; frozen peas; salad – 3 January 2011

I was trying to make stuff for my Mom and brother that was different, tasty, and easy, since Mom has complained about being bored with what she cooks all the time. Unfortunately, this super-easy dish from epicurious was a bit too opinionated for Mom… but I enjoyed it, anyway.

Mom likes to use ‘chicken tenders’, and had some in the freezer, so I used those, thinking it would make her more likely to repeat the dish. I normally cut breasts horizontally into thin slabs, but sometimes I cut across the grain into bite-sized pieces instead. That is what I did this time. I suggested that Mom use the leftovers by cutting the chicken pieces a bit smaller and serving the whole thing over spaghetti. I hope she did it (or at least used it – they didn’t hate it, anyway). It’s just chicken, seared and cooked very briefly till done, then lemon and oil and capers and white wine made into a sauce in the chicken pan, and poured over the cooked chicken.

Mom is kind of opposed to fresh veggies – I don’t know why (though when she said ‘get anything you want’ and I got fresh broccoli, she didn’t object) – so I suggested frozen peas with this meal. She kindly cooked the rice, which is Uncle Ben’s. She uses that all the time and knows how to do it right. She made a nice salad to go with the meal, and we opened another bottle of her nice J. Lohr chardonnay.

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